Department of Kinesiology Committees

This info is for 2019-2020.

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Adapted Fitness Program

Group Members

Tim Gattenby

Latest Report

April 2020

  • Program is thriving even with virus issues.  AF open house opened 4/8 and has been a hit so far! Summer AF seems to be filling nicely with both clients and staff for distance learning. Summer kids session is also full with both disabled children and student staff.
  • AF had clothing orders of around 60 items and made approximately 400 dollars profit.
  • AF this year received 18k in donations.
  • Tim visited new gym at MSC before the virus shut down and it seems to be coming along well.

Past Reports

February 2020

  • Open house on April 8th 11:45-1:45pm. Will have two awards to present, a keynote speech by a participant, and there will be free (healthy) food! There will also be a rap performed at the open house.
  • A donation to the new adapted fitness gym that will be matched for a total of $3,000,000. This gym will exist in the new NAT.

November 2019

  1. Apparel with brand new logo will be available next week (Week of 11/11). There will be a two week order window.
  2. Was contacted by UW International relations department re: university from Kazakhstan. Coming for a visit on 11/20 to see our AF program.

October 2019

  1. Adapted Fitness is at the highest numbers of student staff reaching 300 student staff in 5 classes and an open gym drop in session.
  2. The extra session is due to that we now are offering an extra class the will be led by New Graduate Assistant Kecia Doyle.
  3. Adapted Fitness was visited this past week by The new Dean of Diversity for the School of Education Levar Charleston.
  4. Levar was very impressed with the program and will be trying to include our example of ability diversity as one to promote and emulate by the rest of the campus.
  5. Levar is also interested in supporting the committee that was established to help recruit students with disabilities to attend the University of Wisconsin.
  6. Adapted Fitness has a leadership group called leadership and adapted Fitness LAF that attended the Abilities Expo this year in September 12th through the 15th. 15 students attended and came back very and emboldened and excited about new developments in adaptive equipment and programs across the country. Tim Gattenby also attended with them.

October 2018

1.Lot 62 parking for disabled clients will be a concern by next year due to the construction of a parking garage. During Construction parking will be eliminated from lot 62.

  1. Adapted Fitness will sell clothing next week via a link with Custom ink.
  2. Adapted Fitness is gathering interested entities across campus to recruit disabled students to attend UW Madison.


April 2018

West Madison Kiwanis will be making a donation to Adapted fitness next week for our support of sending them Candidates for their disabled ski scholarship.

Adapted fitness open house is April 19th Thursday.  Keynote speakers on the hour at 10, 11 and 12:00.  All clients and student staff helpers are prepared to present their work over the semester.

Newest Edition of our newsletter has been sent and it looks great

December 2017

Adapted Fitness received a gift of $6,000 this week.

A client from Adapted Fitness was nominated for rec sports active badger video recognition.  Video was produced and turned out well.

Watch the video here!

From Dept. Meeting 10/13/17
The No Limits Kids Fitness ran very well over the summer.  Highlight of the session was a visit from Bucky Badger.
We took delivery of 14 pieces of exercise equipment over the summer which was donated by Rec Sports.
Respectfully Submitted

From Dept. Meeting of 5/12/17:
Adapted Fitness Open House was visited by about 200 visitors.  We were very much at capacity for each hour of the three sessions.  80 individuals signed up for our newsletter and information.
Two of our clients won scholarships for an all expenses paid week long down hill ski experience.  This scholarship is provided for by the Westside Businesmens club.  Both clients presented their experience in Adapted Fitness.
– – – – –

From Dept. Meeting of 4/14/17:
Adapted fitness will host the 3rd annual Open House April 20th from 10-1:00.
Last week The Oleary family donated $8k donation to adapted fitness.  And can be used how ever we determine useful.
Adapted Fitness sent out its first news letter last month and hope to produce these three times  each year.
Faculty should please feel free to use adapted fitness bikes to get around campus.  We have bikes helmets and locks.
There is some discussion being gathered initiated by adapted fitness to recruit students with diverse abilities to attend UW Madison.

From the Dept. Meeting of 2/10/2017:

  • Adapted Fitness for the spring 2017 semester has 90 clients in four sections of class
    plus about 15 -18 clients participating in the open gym, drop in session on Fridays.
  • The number student staff making up the hands-on work force that assist the clients is 270.
  • Last week the Adapted Fitness program took delivery of a TERRTRIKE, a recumbent tandem
    bicycle donated by Georgia Kafton valued at around $6-7,000
  • The Adapted Fitness Open House is scheduled for Thursday April 20th from 10 till 1:00 during
    Disability Awareness Week. The Open House will feature three keynote speakers, an inspirational poster competition, Chad Hermanson with the TRAC chair / an off-road power wheelchair.
  • Hal Honeyman from Creative mobility who makes adapted bikes will be bring a fleet of adapted bikes for people to see and try.
  • A special Thank-you presentation to Georgia Kafton for her donation of the TERRA TRIKE and The Adapted Fitness Hall of Fame award will be presented to a client of the program.
  • Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin, Myranda Gereau has been invited and we are waiting to hear back if she will attend the Open House.
  • And just to remind you the Adapted Fitness Open house is a time to showcase UW Students and clients of Adapted Fitness to friends, family, care providers health and medical professionals.
  • Adapted Fitness continues to struggle with parking issues especially since the loss of Lot 43. At mid semester we experience numerous inquiries from new potential clients who are coming for visits and to tour the program. Parking is an embarrassing aspect that taints many visits right from the start.


Athletic Training Committee

Group Members

Andy Winterstein
David Bell
Shari Clark
Alison Schwartz
Dr. Kathleen Carr (Program Medical Director)
Student Member(s) TBA
Tricia DeSouza (Clinical Preceptor Representative)
Ashley Parr (Clinical Preceptor Representative)

Latest Report

February 2020

  • Dave Bell received recognition from Pediatric Research in Sports Medicine Society (PRiSM), receiving the National Achievement Award for Athletic Trainers. Congratulations Dave!!
  • AT students for brain safety has a booth on Saturday.
  • Alumni and Friends Day on February 22nd.
    • Keynote speaker will be Dr. Allison Snyder- who will also speak at seminar.
  • MSAT goes to board of regents on April 3rd.

Past Reports

November 2019

  1. MSAT proposal working through approval system– goes to APC next Wednesday.

November 2018 Report

1) MSAT approval update

Andrew Winterstein discussed the current status of the Notice of Intent with plans to present with Kines Dept. Chair at upcoming GFEC committee meeting on 12/14 and UAPC on 12/20

2) Certificate follow up

Discussed naming options and looked at guidelines for new undergraduate certificate (Fundamentals of Athletic Healthcare). Dave Bell and Shari Clark will lead subcommittee, meet with Morgan Shields, and provide an update at the 12/20 AT Program Committee Meeting. Unanimous agreement in the idea and the need to move forward after last AT BSAT class is admitted.

3) MSAT Design

Ongoing group discussion on curricular design of MSAT. Reviewed use of #SLACK page and Google Drive for sharing of ideas. Agreed to present a skeleton curricular design at next meeting on 12/20

4) Spring workshop / weekend

Brief discussion of day and a half workshop idea for AT program in spring. Andy will bring additional information to the next meeting.

5) Next meeting is scheduled for 8:45am on 12/20


AT Program Committee Meeting Notes, November 9, 2017
Attendees: Andy Winterstein
Tricia DeSouza
David Bell
Alison Schwarz
Ryan Peot – AT Student Representative
Steph Adler – AT Student Representative
Chris Klesmith – AT Student Representative
• Some students working on a Baldwin grant – need a community partner. – PSA?
• Tricia – nothing to report.
• Mitch is talking about sponsoring a CEU event. It has been pulled back to 2018.
• Allison – classes in McLean – no problems.
• Discussed supply issues (i.e. tape measures) for some of the AT classes; particularly 197.
• Alumni and Friends Day is scheduled for February 17, 2018 – any ideas for featured alumnus? Possible speakers – discussed possible PhD’s from campus (Drew Watson or Erin Hammers), maybe a Badger Sports Medicine staff member, Tim McGuine (?), Dr. Bell or Dr. Post. Possibly Dr. Register-Mihalik as the keynote speaker. Perhaps offer a panel with a specialization other than concussions.
• Master’s Program – how do we expand courses past what the standards say? What other skills do we include that don’t currently (i.e. sutures, injections, etc.). Try to think outside limits of 16 week semester.
• Discussed Dr. Bell’s summer course.
• Discussed the need to look at program prereqs and requirements going forward.

AT Program Committee Meeting Notes, October 12, 2017
Attendees: Andy Winterstein
Shari Clark
Tricia DeSouza – ICA representative
David Bell
Pat Hills-Meyer
Alison Schwarz
Ryan Peot – AT Student Representative
Steph Adler – AT Student Representative
Chris Klesmith – AT Student Representative
Exciting things happening in the AT program!
• Discussion regarding the timing of the rollout for the new MS Athletic Training degree is
ongoing. Published standards to help guide our decisions should be distributed after the CAATE
conference in Tampa later this month.
• We are working on some ideas as to how we can better involve campus athletic trainers in the
feedback loop.
• Exploring some opportunities to build up our clinical placement locations for a more immersive
experience. Generating ideas to increase our network with other programs to improve graduate
placement options.
• Resume and graduate statements of purpose – we are looking to bring the Writing Center to us
for a specialized session to help AT students polish up their credentials for applications.
• Alumni and Friends Day is scheduled for February 17, 2018 – we plan to have some amazing
speakers and a great program to foster networking with our alumni and engage our current
• Abstracts for the upcoming NATA symposium are due November 15. We hope to be able to send
2 students to the national meeting in New Orleans next year.


Election Committee

Group Members

Kristen Pickett
Tim Gattenby
Greg Dierks (Ex Off.)

Latest Report

Chair election was held in January, Gary Diffee has been re-elected.

Past Reports

Equity, Diversity & Climate Committee

Group Members

Kreg Gruben (Chr)
Beth Larson
Drew Lokuta
Aaron Stegner
Danielle Seib

Latest Report

April 2020

  • The ECD committee has met and discussed plans for future activities including possible recommendation to read White Fragility by Robin Di Angelo.
  • Academic Staff Assembly (Drew):  The Assembly will meet on Monday April 13 via Black Board Collaborate. Currently there are no voting items scheduled.Agenda items do include:1  Chief Human Resources Officer Mark Walters will provide an update and answer questions on HR matters related to COVID-19 and the TTC Project.

    2  The annual reports of the Campus Diversity and Climate Committee and the Committee for GLBTQ People in the University will be presented.

    3  The results of the Academic Staff Executive Committee election will be announced.

    4  We will also have the opportunity to ask questions of the presiding officer, Provost Karl Scholz.

Past Reports

February 2020

December 2019

  1. Academic Staff Assembly Report

November 2019

  1. Planning a commemorate on 1/15 – check back for more information
  2. Academica Staff Assembly Report

September 2019 Equity Climate and Diversity Committee Minutes

May 2018

This week at the Campus Diversity and Climate Committee meeting, Reonda Washington from University Health Services shared findings from the 2017 Color of Drinking study. The study was focused on how UW-Madison’s alcohol culture impacts students of color on campus, However, the findings go beyond race and tie in with the Equity, Climate, and Diversity Committee’s recent discussion regarding alcohol.

The first attachment contains findings of the study and the second attachment shows additional comments and quotes from study participants. Color of Drinking StudyComments and Quotes

The committee has selected next year’s Go Big Read book for discussion at a Graduate Seminar in the fall semester. Copies of The Death and Life of the Great Lakes will be available this summer for reading.

Tristen Johnson from Our Wisconsin gave a presentation on the program at a Department Meeting earlier this semester. Tristen or Aaric Guerriero will give an abbreviated Our Wisconsin workshop at a Graduate Seminar during spring semester, 2019.

The committee is considering a number of initiatives to pursue in the future.

April 2018

Brown Bag discussion on Wednesday, April 18, 12:00-1:00, in 2150 Medical Sciences Center. Topic is Ensuring Inclusive Learning Environments.

Reminder about the Educating Diverse Wisconsin symposium on Thursday, April 26 in DeJope Hall. Registration fee is required; lunch will be provided.

The ECD Committee is working on an Inclusion Statement for the department and will have a draft ready for review at the May Department Meeting.

The ECD Committee will be meeting one more time before the end of the semester.

February 2018

Thank you to those who attended Commemorate in January. Special thank you to Danielle Steib for the fun, interesting, and informative trivia game.

The ECD Committee will be addressing recommendation 1 of the Campus Climate Survey, “Ensure Inclusive Learning Environments” by sponsoring two Brown Bag discussion sessions. The sessions will be Tuesday, February 13 in 2007 Gymnasium-Natatorium and Wednesday, April 18 in 2150 Medical Sciences Center. Both sessions are scheduled 12:00-1:00. Individuals are invited to attend either session or both sessions to share what they currently do to ensure an inclusive learning environment or to learn what others do in this area.

The application process for Professional Development Grants and Awards for Academic Staff is now open. The grants and awards are for activities to occur July 1, 2018-December 1, 2018. Applications are due to Kinesiology Chairperson Gary Diffee by Friday, March 16.

Reminder about the Health Sciences Equity and Diversity Lunch and Learn Series. The next session is Wednesday, February 21, 11:30-1:00 in 1116 Rennebohm Hall. Topic of the session is “Creating Inclusive Work Environments.” Registration is requested as lunch is provided.

December 2017

Thank you to those individuals who participated in discussion of Hillbilly Elegy during the Graduate Seminar on December 1.

The ECD Committee had a preliminary discussion regarding the Campus Climate Survey at its meeting in November. The committee will meet again in early January with much of that meeting devoted to discussing the survey.

Commemorate 2018 is scheduled for January 18. Please reserve the date on your calendar.

The ECD Committee is working on scheduling a speaker for one of the Graduate Seminars in the spring semester.


Report from Dept. Meeting 11/3/17

The committee will be meeting this month and will focus mainly on two items…

Planning for Commemorate in January.

Reviewing the Campus Climate Survey results which were released November 1 and discussing how the department should                    proceed.

Diversity Forum is Tuesday and Wednesday, November 7 and 8. Registration for both days has closed, but certain presentations will be live streamed within Union South.

Discussion of Hillbilly Elegy will occur on Friday, December 1 during the Graduate Seminar. Copies of the book are available from Lisa Cappabianca in the Gymnasium-Natatorium or Danielle Seib in Medical Sciences Center.

Contributions to the Sunshine Fund are still being accepted. See Greg Dierks if you would like to contribute. Monies are used to recognize major events in a person’s life.

Report from Dept. Meeting 10/13/17

Individuals who would like to contribute to the Sunshine Fund can do so by seeing Greg Dierks. Monies from the Sunshine Fund are used to note major events in the lives of department personnel.


Results of the campus-wide Student Climate Survey conducted in fall, 2016 are to be released on November 1. Recommendations for action based on the survey results will be the information released.


Diversity Forum will be held November 7 and 8 in Union South. An overview of the forum is posted by the mailboxes in the Gymnasium-Natatorium and in the Occupational Therapy area of the Medical Sciences Center. People can check the overview for specific information on keynote presentations and breakout sessions.


Discussion of Hillbilly Elegy will take place on Friday, December 1 during the Graduate Seminar. Copies of the book are available from Lisa Cappabianca in 1001 Gymnasium-Natatorium or Danielle Seib in 2130 Medical Sciences Center.

Equity, Climate, and Diversity Committee Report 5/12/17

The university’s Go Big Read book for next year, Hillbilly Elegy, has been selected for the book discussion during one of the Graduate Seminars during the fall semester.
The ECD Committee is planning a tour of campus Native American sites during the fall semester with Aaron Bird Bear from the School of Education. Date of the tour is to be determined.
A speaker will be scheduled during one of the Graduate Seminars in spring, 2018. The committee is working on identifying the speaker and investigating possibly bringing in a speaker from off-campus.
Results and recommendations of the campus Student Climate Survey should be released in late summer or early fall. The School of Education conducted a student climate survey during the spring, 2017 semester. The ECD Committee will respond to both surveys when results are released and revisit possibly surveying students regarding climate in the Department of Kinesiology.

– – – –

Equity, Climate, and Diversity Committee Report 4/14/17

National Diversity Council Women in Leadership Symposium – Thursday, April 20, 8:00-12:00 in Grainger Hall.

The Diversity Inventory Project has been launched. DIP is a searchable online database containing information and promoting collaboration across campus in diversity-related areas. DIP can be accessed at

The student climate survey administered in fall, 2016 will be released in late summer or early fall. The desire is to includes recommendations with the released results

– – – –

Equity, Climate, and Diversity Committee Report at Dept. Meeting, February 10, 2017

Danielle Gautt from University Health Services will be the speaker at the Graduate Seminar on February 24. She will discuss student mental health issues, including how to recognize students experiencing mental health problems and what to do.

The Diversity Inventory Program (aka DIP) will be launched soon. DIP is a searchable online database that will collect, update, and report information on diversity related activities, i.e., Programs, Events, Support Services, and Research, across campus.

A summary analysis of the student climate survey administered last fall will be available in March or April. The full analysis of the survey will be available in fall, 2017.


Graduate Studies Committee

Group Members

Andrea Mason (Chair)
Bill Schrage
Dane Cook
Karla Ausderau
Lisa Cadmus-Bertram
Stephanie Trigsted (Ex. Off.)

Latest Report

April 2020

  • We have sent offers out to new MS and PhD students and are waiting for acceptances to come back. So far we’ve got 2 new incoming PhD and 2 non-thesis MS students who’ve committed to coming.

Past Reports

February 2020

  • Reminder to those who work with grad student that we are asking you to fill out progress reports. You should have received a link to a Qualtrics survey. This is due at the end of March.
  • Scholarship application season! Steph will reach out but please encourage students to apply!
  • Made a decision to offer Kines991 (grad research methods) every year instead of every other. Will have a grant writing focus that is suitable for research students and the following year will be a evidence-based approach that is more appropriate for non-thesis students.
    • Research course will be offered next Fall
  • Proposal to remove GRE as requirement for Kines Grad Applications unanimously passed by department

November 2019

  1. Sally J. Phillips travel awards due next week (week of 11/11)
  2. Satisfactory progress mentor -student reports will be out soon. Please plan to complete prior to March 31st

October 2018 Minutes

From November 2017

I gave a summary of the assessment report that we submitted to the graduate school.  Our report indicated that graduate students were meeting or exceeding expectations in all of our programs.  Over the next several months we will need to develop rubrics that can be used in our non-thesis classes.


We also had a business item to vote on, which was changes to the course requirements for Physical Activity – Epidemiology.

  • At the Feb. 10 Dept. meeting, the graduate studies committee presented the rubrics that will be used to assess performance in Master’s and PhD proposals and defenses as well as written and oral preliminary exams for PhD students. The committee asks that all faculty begin using these rubrics immediately.The committee also introduced the Sally J Phillips Travel award, which will support two students per calendar year who are presenting research at national and international conferences. The committee will send out a call for applications, with the first deadline being April 17th.
  • At the March 11 Dept. meeting, Andrea:
    • reported that the Grad. Studies committee is busy with the new graduate student admission process;
    • reminded faculty that it would help tremendously if they could get their admission applicant reviews done soon so that any students who indicated both research and non-thesis tracks could be reviewed for non-thesis in the near future;
    • mentioned that our next task will be creating an assessment plan for our learning goals.
  • From the Oct. 9 Dept. meeting, Andrea summarizes: The graduate studies committee reported that we had our largest incoming class in quite some time, largely the result of the great quality non-thesis applicants that we had this year. We are also developing a stronger relationship with Athletics, which means that more of our students are funded via scholarships and GAs. The committee is planning on spending several sessions digesting the recent results of the AKA Kinesiology rankings to determine what (if anything) we want to do with them.
  • At the May 8 Dept. meeting, Andrea reported that we have a full cohort of 8 entering non-thesis master’s students, we asked for approval of 1) a new course proposal, Kinesiology 690; 2) changes to pre-reqs for our graduate programs; 3) our graduate learning goals.
  • At the April 10 Dept. meeting, Andrea reported that admissions for our non-thesis Master’s program are going well. We have received approval for our PhD minor Opt-Out request. We are working on a course proposal for a graduate level internship course. In the coming months we will be generating Learning Goals for our graduate programs.
  • Grad: For graduate studies Andrea at the 2/13 Dept. meeting mentioned that applications are being completed by students right now and encouraged faculty to make decisions about accepting new students when John lets them know that one is complete.

Marsh Center Committee

Group Members

Dane Cook (Chair)
Gary Diffee
Kelli Koltyn
Dorothy Farrar-Edwards
Andy Winterstein
Jeannine Nicolai-Heckmann
Greg Dierks

Latest Report

April 2020

  • We are reviewing for the Marsh Pilot Award and plan to meet soon for discussion.

Past Reports

February 2020
  • Giving out $20,000 pilot grant. March 15th is the deadline- please apply!
Spring 2019
In the Spring semester the Marsh Committee met to discuss, review and prepare to announce the winners of the Marsh Pilot Grant awardees– Dr. Bill Schrage and Dr, Kristen Pickett were the awardees.

November 2018

reminder of pilot grant applications

October 2018

The Marsh Center committee announced the call for proposals of the Marsh Center Pilot Grant Program. Two grants of up to $10,000 may be awarded. Applications are due by Friday, December 7th.


February 2018

The Marsh Center met on Wednesday January 31st to review Marsh Pilot Grant proposals and discuss the future of the Marsh Graduate student fellowship. Jill Barnes was awarded a Marsh Pilot Grant.

Report for November 2017

The committee met (9/26) and finalized the Marsh Center Pilot Grant Program.

Merit Committee (Faculty)

Group Members

Dave Bell (Chair)
Peter Vankan
Jill Barnes

Latest Report


Past Reports

Merit Committee (Teaching Acad Staff)

Group Members


Latest Report

Past Reports

OT Program Committee

Group Members

Ruth Benedict (Chair)
Dorothy Edwards
Beth Larson
Karla Ausderau
Kristen Pickett
Brittany Travers
Sharon Gartland
Alexia Rebne

Latest Report

February 2020

  • Moving forward in the process of EL-OTD accreditation. Thank you to everyone who has had a role in this!
  • On target to start accepting students this summer to start the following fall.
  • Congratulations to Brittany and Karla for tenure!!
  • Karla has also received the Virginia Scardina award at the occupational therapy meetings.
  • Brittany Travers also got a publication the Nature journal!! Congratulations!
  • Another reason to be excited for the move to MSC—you can hear the bell tower from outside our door.

Past Reports

November 2019

  1. Interviews for OT instructor underway.
  2. Karla currently in Taiwan for presentation. Sharon completing ACOTE Group Leader training. Several well-received conference presentations lately.
  3. Paint night fundraiser on 11/21.
  4. EL-OTD on track for June 2021 start date.
  5. ACOTE candidacy application to be sent on 12/15

Feb 2018

Welcoming Sharon Gartland

Admissions – 23 have committed

Planning for EL-OTD

Finishing up first cohort of PP-OTD

Preparing for AOTA

Pro-bono clinic

Faculty Search

November 2018

Student participation in Homecoming Parade

Kristen and Tango Therapy featured on WKOW Ch. 17 on Monday evening

OT Summit meeting with UWM

Faculty & PD Searches

Teaching coverage due to the grant success of our Assistant Professors

EL-OTD development

Program Evaluation & Assessment activities

October 2018

75th Anniversary – Huge Success

Brunch – Bldg story

Dick & Barbara Weaver Matching Legacy Fund

Ruth & Wayne Zemke Fund for Research in Occupational Science

Endowed Scholarship

Prep for Homecoming Parade – Students

Education Summit – Alexia & Sharon attending

OT Summit of Scholars – Dorothy & Kristen leading charge

EL OTD Program Development – Faculty working on plans/curriculum

Faculty Search


September 2018

75th Anniversary

Welcome – 148

Symposium – 74

Banquet – 118

Football – 90

Brunch Only – 34


Summer – purchase of ILM materials

Students on FW & Anatomy

OTD Orientation Aug 26-27

OT Orientation – Tues

OT Program Retreat – Aug 28 > EL-OTD

Leadership Transition

May 2018

Fun time in Salt Lake City for AOTA – Alumni Party with about 75 attendees (UW-LAX, UWM) Successful Site visit with ACOTE MS-OT Student Posters – Monday @ the WID; Tues @ Grad Banquet; Tomorrow @ MS-OT Grad Banquet tomorrow New Class arriving for orientation on June 1st Anticipating new chairs in 3150 classroom – ILM awarded

April 2018

Recruiting OTD students

SOTA – Job fair with PT and others

Diverse OT & ADEPT – Language Barriers in Rehab Inter-professional Health Summit – April 21 8:00-1:00 @ HSLC Class of 2020 accepted AOTA – Next week – 6 pages of presentations from alumni, faculty, students

Ruth Zemke – Award of Merit

ACOTE Site Visit

WFOT – South Africa in May

March 2018

– Josh broke his fibula exercising

– Student groups, SOTA, Community Connections, Diverse-OT, active with extracurricular learning experiences (excellent speakers), fund-raising and other activities.

– Students about to launch for Level I FW; Level II assignments for our

– Preparation for ACOTE site visit

– ILM Proposal in preparation to Support upgrade of teaching assessments, equipment, and more comfortable classroom chairs for 3150

– 75th Anniversary – about to roll out Registration, Development activities underway, deadline for symposium proposals next week

February 2018

Sarah Delany

Self-Study for Reaccreditation submitted on January 22, 2018; On-site visit April 23-25 Admissions moving forward – currently have 31 who have accepted the admissions offer Diverse-OT – Baldwin Grant OT Student Room Actively recruiting OTD students; moving the final course proposals forward Energy and excitement building towards our 75th Anniversary; Foundation Development plan

December 2017

Working on the self study. Keeping us very busy!

Reviewing the 350 applications that have been received so far.


November 2017

Homecoming – Facebook

Alumni – SoE Board of Visitors

Austin Faculty Fellow – Brittany Travers

Scholarship gift

Grand Challenges – Kristen


Steve – sprucing up our hallways and spaces

Danielle – learning systems and contributing to efficiency of operations


Admissions deadline approaching – 11/16

Currently over 651 apps in OTCAS and 108 completed apps in the system

Academic Leadership Council – ACOTE standards revisions & OTD mandate


Diverse-OT, Community Connections, SOTA



MS-OT Admission Committee

Group Members

Alexia Rebne (Chair)
Ruth Benedict
Sarah Zurawski
Brittany Travers
Danielle Seib

Latest Report

Past Reports

Report for November 2017

– We currently have 651 applications in various stages in OTCAS

– 268 submitted UW apps; 80 unsubmitted

Admissions Report New Business:

-Admissions Coordinator and Diverse-OT co-presidents planning to meet to discuss mentoring program

-Summer 2018 MS-OT Application Deadline is approaching (November 16, 2017)

OTD Admission Committee

Group Members

Sharon Gartland (chair)
Ruth Benedict

MS-OT Grad Student Affairs Committee

Group Members

Ruth Benedict (Chair)
Joshua Brown (Fieldwork Coordinator)
Student’s Academic Advisor

OTD Grad Student Affairs Committee

Group Members

Ruth Benedict (chair)
Sharon Gartland (OTD Program Director)
Student’s Academic Advisor


PETE Program

Group Members

Cindy Kuhrasch (chair)
Nancy Krattiger-Ziltener
Jonanne Haynes-Manogue
Daniel Timm
Tim Gattenby

Latest Report

May 2020

  • PETE met this month to check in and continue to discuss admission policies anticipation of the teacher pledge program.
  • We have been supporting practicum and student teachers by developing creative ways to help them teaching in virtual ways.  In addition, we’ve been providing at-home PE videos for families.
  • We will be holding a virtual graduation for BSPE graduates tomorrow, with guest speaker Luke Swan.

Past Reports

April 2020

  • The PETE committee met last week (virtually) and worked on updating our admission process.  We are working to get this in place before the teacher pledge (which pays for tuition for any student entering a teacher preparation program at UW-Madison) is revealed to the general public.  It’s so exciting!

February 2020

  • American Kinesiology Association Leadership Conference—Gary and Cindy went to the conference in Tampa.
  • BSPE review went through at UAPC last month with flying colors

November 2019

  1. Dan elected to president-elect at WHPE.
  2. Thanks to everyone for allowing students to miss classes to attend the convention.
  3. Badger Best Practices on 11/13.
  4. Cindy presented last week at Hofstra University.
  5. 5 year review came back positive but asked to reduce # of credits. Working on curriculum mapping to tighten everything up.

September 5, 2019 PETE Minutes

April 26, 2019 PETE Minutes

April 4, 2019 PETE Minutes

February 1, 2019 PETE Minutes

November 2, 2018 PETE Minutes

October 5, 2018 PETE Minutes

September 7, 2018 PETE Minutes

May 4, 2018 PETE Minutes

March 9, 2018 PETE Minutes

February 16, 2018 PETE Minutes

Scholarship, Assistantship & Student Academic Affairs Committee

Group Members

Bill Schrage (Chair)
David Bell
Tim Gattenby
Susan Andreae
Lisa Cappabianca (Ex. Off. Ugrad)
Stephanie Trigsted(Ex. Off. Grad)
Beth Fields

Latest Report

April 2020

  • We met remotely to rank and discuss the graduate student scholarships and fellowships.  Winners and their respective PIs were notified this week. Undergraduate applications closed this week. We have a big increase in applications. Committee plans to rank and meet remotely by end of April.

Past Reports

February 2020

  • Student scholarships available! Please encourage students to apply in a timely manner.

November 2019

  1. Bill Schrage will be taking over during Dave’s sabbatical.

Graduate scholarship applications are due March 1st.  You should receive a link from the website prompting you to upload a letter of recommendation.  Remember that there is a scholarship available for first year PhD students.  Please contact Dave if you have questions about any scholarships.

Undergraduate scholarship applications are due March 20th – please announce in your classes and encourage students to apply.

Space, Facilities & Technology Committee

Group Members

Peter VanKan (Chair)
Nancy Krattiger-Ziltener
Jill Barnes
Lorenzo Contreras
Marc Kuklinski

Latest Report

Past Reports

Undergraduate Study Committee

Group Members

Kelli Koltyn (Chair)
Morgan Shields
Kreg Gruben
Andy Winterstein
Cindy Kuhrasch
Janet Branchaw
Lisa Cappabianca (Ex. Off)
Kevin Strang
Student Representatives: Meaghan Holub and Taylor Orleans

Latest Report

February 2020

  • February 1st was deadline for undergrad students that want to major in EMS.
    • School of Ed is currently reviewing applicants for eligibility
    • Eligible applicants will be forwarded along to us
  • As of today we are up to 85 hphe students (~5 new enrolled a week). The new course currently has 86 students. Expecting to have 100-150 students by this summer.
    • One of the students was awarded the civic fellowship
  • PADA informational session with advisors and interested students on March 25th at 5:00p
    • Hoping to discuss what the certificate is, what students can do with it, and have current students discuss their projects.
  • Proposal to discontinue BSAT program and intended provisional plan was unanimously passed by the department.

Past Reports

November 2019

  1. Advising complete; 2 double majors in EMS/PE
  2. Please respect wait lists
  3. Approved 508 for spring Ronnie’s seminar in strength & conditioning.

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