Virtual Room Reservation Request


Requests for rooms are manage online through the Event Management System (EMS).  All Kinesiology department faculty and staff will have a user account, via your Net ID & password, to access the system.  You will only be allowed to make requests from rooms you are qualified to use.  These should include all NAT rooms and some meeting spaces at the School of Education.  Only Kines individuals can request Kines spaces, it is not available to people outside the department.

Step-by-step guide on how to enter a room reservation request.

If you need to book a room that is not listed, contact Lisa Cappabianca

Reservation Request Guidelines

  • DO NOT assume a room is yours after entering a request.  All requests are reviewed and confirmed before they are finalized.  Once a request is approved, you will receive a confirmation email.  Only after you receive this email is the room reserved for you.  It is a form-letter email but will sometimes contain additional important information.  Be sure to review the emails every time you receive one.
    *Please Note: Advising (fall & spring) and Orientation (spring) will need to use rooms 2055 & 2081.  You may be asked to relocate to another room if one of these rooms is needed.  These are usually scheduled a month in advance.
  • Rooms CANNOT be requested beyond the current semester. Future semester curricular planning is an ongoing process.  Until the next semester’s schedule is complete, no one will be able to request a space beyond the current semester.  If you think you have an important need to book something that far out, contact Lisa Cappabianca.
  • Rooms must be requested 1 business day before an event.  The website will not allow any reservation requests the-day-of.  If you have a last-minute reservation request, please contact Lisa Cappabianca. We will attempt to accommodate last minute requests, but we cannot guarantee it.
  • Conference/Meeting rooms are NOT available for instructional use.  Occasional use can be requested for special events related to a course (i.e. – guest speakers, special activities, etc.), but they may not be used as the primary course location for regular course meetings.  All credit-courses must be scheduled through Lisa Cappabianca.  Emergency situations allow for temporary instructional use.
  • Every event has a 15 minute extension, pay special attention when entering your request.  There is a 15min tear down tail on the end of every booking.  For example: if an event is scheduled from 1:00-2:30, the booking will continue until 2:45.  If you wanted your event to begin at 2:30 in the same space, you would not be able to enter your request unless you adjusted your start time to 15 min later.  This time allows for the room to empty, possible event cleanup, and covers the potential of an event running slightly long.
  • General Assignment rooms (1190 & 1140) are booked through Curricular Services.  What is depicted in the reservation schedule is not necessarily correct.  These two rooms are open for campus bookings.  If you request one of these rooms, we will check with Curricular Services to see if it is available, and enter a reservation if it is.  Since the room is available to all of campus, your booking could be denied if the space has another scheduled use.